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Codeless App Development for Business Executives

Femi Akinlaja takes us on a walk-through of Codeless App development with Amazon Honeycode

In today’s breath-taking fast-paced business environment, data can be the difference between a good and a winning decision. Capturing data internally or automating simple business tasks used to require specially skilled team members and expensive tools, but, not any more. Now, you can move faster using any of the increasingly available and inexpensive codeless app tools coming to the market.

The latest entrant to this space (still in beta) is Honeycode from Amazon AWS. As a business owner, you can develop an APP to manage your inventory, events, tasks, visitors etc by Yourself?

More and more companies are finding value in no-code app development to manage tasks, projects and teams.

On this Session of #Toolsday, Damilare Femi Akinlaja introduced us to Amazon Honeycode. Damilare insists that with Amazon Honeycode for non-developers, you can build an app for virtually any process in your organization and you don’t need to be a programmer.

Let us know what you think about Amazon Honeycode in the comments on the video.

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