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Here, you'll find resources you need to support your journey as you build the next big venture out of South-South/South-East, Nigeria. If you can't find what you're looking for - leave us a mail startupsouth[at]gmail[dot]com

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Codeless App Development for Business Executives

In today’s breath-taking fast-paced business environment, data can be the difference between a good and a winning decision. Capturing data internally or automating simple business tasks used to require specially skilled team members and expensive tools, but, not any more. Now, you can move faster using any of the increasingly available and inexpensive codeless app tools coming to the market.

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Calling Startups/Hubs within the #StartupSouth Community

The updated #StartupSouth website provides opportunity for Startups/Hubs listing and discoverability. List your Hub or Startup only if you identify with the #StartupSouth mission – to eradicate unemployment, promote wealth creation by encouraging the building of high-scale innovation driven ventures (especially by young people) in Nigeria starting from the South-South/South-East.

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