Announcing TLNTPlus by #StartupSouth – Talent Accelerator, Upskilling Program and Pathway to Employment for Young Professionals

TLNTPlus by #StartupSouth is a talent accelerator and upskilling program for professionals desiring a place in the emerging Startup ecosystem.

As African Startups raise more money to build amazing high scale solutions across the continent, they are creating more jobs than they can fill both in technical and non-technical positions.. While lots of schemes are minting more software talents, very few programmes exist to prepare non-technical talents for roles in the emerging Startup ecosystem.

Experience shows that Startups need more than Software developers to succeed. They need Community Managers, Sales Professionals, Finance & Accountants, Operations, Creative writers etc. Existing school curriculum do not understand the Startup paradigm let alone producing ready-made talents for the emerging economic space.

The ecosystem is currently at the place where the Banking Industry was in the early to mid-1990’s. Perhaps, we could borrow a leaf from the Banking sector and approach the issue in the way they did back then.

Introducing TLNTPlus by #StartupSouth – Talent Accelerator Program
TLNTPlus by #StartupSouth is a talent accelerator and a hands-on upskilling programme for smart and young professionals interested in developing domain competency needed in the innovation ecosystem while volunteering with #StartupSouth and other emerging startups teams in our network.

It is a 6 months commitment open to passionate professionals who are interested in exploring amazing opportunities while contributing to the development of the innovation ecosystem in Nigeria.

Selected participants are grouped into teams chaperoned by highly experienced professionals, exposed to tasks designed to teach trendy hard/soft skills – including discipline, self discovery, dependability, proactiveness etc. Participants will primarily work in teams within #StartupSouth and/or within a qualifying Startup or organization and their work is evaluated.

The programme affords participants the opportunity to gain relevant in-demand skills valuable to their career path. While the programme is for six months, best performers may be recommended for full-time paid roles at partner Startups/Organizations at any point in the programme.

Why TLNTPlus?
Startups within our network are increasingly requesting highly skilled professionals from us. In the past, some of our recommendations haven’t particularly turned out great. A programme that is designed to address observed skill gaps in our talent pool will go a long way in helping our startups focus on building great companies rather than worry about talents

With TLNTPlus, interested community members will be prepared to support startups in our network.

Who is this for?
This programme is suitable for recent graduates, entry to mid-level professionals interested in pursuing a career in the Startup/Technology space


  • Highly Personalized Training
    Once accepted, you will have the opportunity to go through highly personalized world-class training and mentoring while gaining experience working on real-time projects that solve practical problems.
  • Join #StartupSouth Team
    For the last eight years, #StartupSouth has been at the forefront of developing the Innovation Ecosystem in Nigeria. You will become a part of #StartupSouth Team inspiring the Innovation Ecosystem
  • Explore emerging & exciting job roles
    Get Hands-on Experience in emerging Job fields
  • First dib on Opportunities
    You will get right of first refusal to lucrative opportunities (including support to build a Startup). While the programme is for six months, best performers may be recommended for full-time paid roles at partner Startups/Organizations at any point in the programme.
  • High Level Network
    Never underestimate the power of a Network. Being part of TLNTPlus provides you access to business knowledge & high-level network
  • Travel Opportunities
    You will get opportunity to travel around

Available Tracks

  • Products
    • Core Product
    • Growth
    • Digital Marketing
  • Business Development
    • Communication
    • Sales
    • Email Marketing
  • Operations
    • Project Management
    • Community Management
    • Offline & Virtual Event Management
    • Customer Service
    • Administration

Fees & Remuneration
TLNTPlus is provided FREE to selected participants. Neither #StartupSouth nor her partners will demand any fees for the opportunity. Outstanding Talents may be recommended to a paid opportunity before graduation.

How to Apply
Application to TLNTPlus is in three stages.

  1. Apply on the form Here and expect an email for the first Interview test.
  2. Follow the link sent to your email to take the Interview test
  3. Successful candidates will be invited to a virtual Interview with programme coordinators

Application Deadline is July 10, 2022.



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