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About #StartupSouth

#StartupSouth started in 2015 as an annual Startup Conference for Startup Founders, Investors and the general public in the South-South and South-East of Nigeria. It features Fireside chats with Successful Startup Founders, Policy Makers and Investors from across the world, Pitch Sessions and Networking.

How #StartupSouth Started

It started as an event featuring education (via Fireside chats and Panel Discussions with experienced entrepreneurs from all around the world), Networking Opportunities, A Startup Pitch and Dinner.
Pre-selected Startup teams working on brilliant, tech-based ideas were trained and thereafter engaged in a competitive pitch in order to attract possible investment by investors.
Notable names in the Nigerian Tech Ecosystem that has graced the event include Eyin Aboyeji (Former Andela and Currently, CEO, Flutterwave), Mark Essien (Hotels.ng), Simeon Ononubi (Simplepay & MyAds Global), Lexi Novitske (Singularity Investments), Editi Effiong (Anakle), Towry-Coker Olaotan (Afritickets and Cranium One) to mention just a few.

The Mission/Goal
The goal of #Startupsouth is to encourage innovation, entrepreneurial solutions (with a tech bias) and spotlight startup founders and teams operating in the eleven states of south-south and south-east geo-political regions of Nigeria.
Our Belief
Why Regional?

The Two Regions(South-South and South-East) combined will create the critical population mass necessary for validating and scaling innovations.
The other reason is that these regions are currently grossly underserved by opportunities in the national scheme of things including flow of investments, training and exposure.

Additional Ecosystem Engagement

#StartupSouth evolved to include other region focused ecosystem building engagements. In 2017 alone, we have hosted high profile Tech and Entrepreneurship figures across Enugu, Nsukka, Port Harcourt, Uyo and Umuahia including:

Some Progress Made So Far

11 States, 13 Cities, 120,000+KM2 and over 60Million People.
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